In today’s world of social and business evolution combined with constant change it can be difficult to find the advantageous position. Having an expert external perspective to provide insight, motivation and intellectual resource will make all the difference in success.

Alector brings together a range of independent professionals and specialists, each with a proven track record in their respective disciplines.

Collectively our associates have many years of experience in the accounting profession; small through to large and international business management; and public sector economic and community development work.

Alector approaches all client projects with the same exacting discipline to establish:

  • Appropriate objectives and deliverables,
  • Agreed scope of work and tolerances,
  • Effective management processes and controls;

that ensure achievement of the client’s expected results, on schedule and on budget while safeguarding client confidentiality and intellectual property.

Alector Offers,

  • Accountancy
  • Project Design & Management
  • Process Design
  • Change Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Community Projects & Funding

Alector Products,

  • Business Development Plans
  • Risk Analysis, Health & Safety
  • Web Design & E-commerce Solutions
  • Graphic Design, Print & Publishing

When the only constant, is constant change

  • are you struggling to keep up?
  • or are you leading the way?

In today’s world, success in Business, in Public or Voluntary Services and also in building Vibrant Communities depends on innovation and effective application of fresh perspectives.

Alector’s associates specialise in Seeing the Possible and helping clients get there ahead of the competition.

Whether you need help with Innovation, Motivation or Value Creation Alector is Focused on Success and Results Driven.